Thursday, November 24, 2011

What Girls and Guys on My Campus Are Wearing -Winter Edition!

1. North Face. UGH. Do these come in any color other than ugly? If they aren't boring black, they are this hideous fuchsia. I know they must be warm... but seriously? Everyone, guys and girls alike. They're seriously not that flattering.

2. Uggs. Double ugh. I loathe these boots. They are so ugly and when they get ratty and nasty... I literally cringe at the sight. Again, I understand the importance of warmth and utility, I really do. But this is uncalled for. Swear by their unsurpassed comfort all you like, but I will never, ever wear a pair.

 3. Mittens. Love these. Particularly the ones that have the fingerless gloves and then the mitten part folds over. So cute and perfect for texting.

4. Tights. Sadly these are all too rare, but I feel like giving the select stylin' few their due.Very nice, ladies. I'm impressed. And jealous.

5. Pea coats. I particularly love the brightly colored ones! The pink, teal and mustard ones were my favorites. I had to stop myself from staring. There is one guy on campus who has a lovely gray pea coat and let me tell you- that kid looks sharp. Take notes, boys. Nothing is more swoon worthy than a man in a nicely cut coat. Except maybe a man in a good hat...

6.  Muckluks. Okay. I don't know why, but these are so much cuter than Uggs. I hesitate to call them stylish, but I don't violently loathe them or feel vaguely nauseated when I see them.

7. Scarves. There are not words that can express my affection for, devotion to and adoration of the scarf. The cuteness is so intense it's painful. At least once or twice a day, I see someone wearing one I am positively enamored with. I regularly steal my roommate scarves because she has a lovely collection she never wears. Feminine, smexy and warm. What more can we ask for?

8. Hoodies. I have a complex relationship with the hooded sweatshirt. I feel it is a reprehensible article of clothing that much of the undergraduate population uses to get away with not caring. Yet I must admit they are warm and, in some cases, appropriate. But when you use them as gym wear, your outfit for class and your coat... I just feel like you're limiting yourself. And failing to flatter any curves you might have.

9. Sweatpants. I own one pair and that is too many. Wear them with a hoodie and you just look sad. Like the poster child for despair. "I've given up on any fabric that isn't cotton. My depression is too deep for even denim." I really don't mean to sound like a total and absolute snob. Wear them if you like. You might even by some miracle look half way decent in them. You are free to wear them and I am free to despise them and feel sorry for anyone wearing them, much less that poor smuck I see wanting campus all too often wearing the North Face, a hoodie, sweatpants and Uggs. That's just too much sin for any man or woman to carry around on their person.

10. Trapper Hats. Which always make me think of Kingsley. Which is an excellent connotation. Plus, it's the fake fur trend which somehow looks so fab on everyone else but I have no desire to adopt it myself. Meh. It happens.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Confused (As Usual)

I'm really not sure what to think. I'm so tired of clinging to some carefully chosen beliefs only to be disappointed by them in the end. And yet we all must believe something, even if that belief is that there is nothing to be believed. Maybe I just don't need to know. Yet can you explain that feeling of finally finding a small piece of what your heart has been searching for with any other explanation than that there is truth? There are so many complexities to believing.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Ten Awesome Things in My Life Right Now

1. Discussions with other English majors in which you compare your favorite words.

2. A girl friend who dates you to keep the creepers away.

3. The Big Bang Theory.

4. New shoes.

5. Professors who play School House Rock youtube videos in the five minutes before class starts.

6. Paths littered with crunchy leaves.

7.  When the Cafe serves the good cookies.

8. Walking back from choir singing pop songs with impromptu three part harmony.

9. Making a customer's day with a perfectly prepared stir-fry and witty conversation.

10. Too many inside jokes to count.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Little House

Yeah. So I'm wordless of late, so I just hand out Youtube videos like candy.