Friday, July 30, 2010

Ferris Wheel the Monkey Reel

I suppose I should first of all explain why on earth I named my blog Ferris Wheel the Monkey Reel.

The answer is composed of several parts.

Part I:
I wanted to outsmart the rest of the world. At least in my own mind. I wanted to think of something so weird and random, I could have a URL that was just my blog's name and nothing else. That takes some serious genius, right? Yeah. I know. Sad.

Part II:
I also thought that if I picked something utterly random, it would very much suit the theme (I assure you I am using that word very loosely) of this blog. Because this blog has pretty much nothing to do with ferris wheels or monkey reels (though it might...) but if you are expecting something that random, you are expecting the generally unexpected which in this case is a safe expectation.

Part III:
It was the first thing that popped into my head. Yes, I am crazy.

Secondly, I suppose I should explain what the purpose of this blog is.

This answer too, is composed in several parts.

Part I:
For my own amusement. I am easily amused.

Part II:
For my random thoughts, ideas and general gibberish that currently finds itself safely confined to the pages of a journal in my bedroom.

Part III:
I've pretty much been meaning to do it forever as an exercise in creative writing and discipline, but I just never had the discipline to do that much creative writing.

Lastly, I suppose I should introduce myself.

Hi. I'm Anna. I am really bad at introducing myself. Which is why I generally don't. I am seventeen years old, I live somewhere in the middle of nowhere, I like singing and I have only fallen off a pogo stick once or twice. I have also only ever been on a pogo stick once or twice. Who's counting, right?