Friday, February 25, 2011

I Can Sort Of See Clearly Now

Today I got contacts. Who knew I was supposed to be able to see that trees have individual leaves? They're bald this time of year, anyway.

My Mother laughed at me while I was learning to put them on. Apparently my learning curve is a great deal broader than hers. I did, however, finally get them in my eye and blink about a thousand times before they settled correctly.

Hey! I can see! Sweet.

I then discovered that I am no longer able to see up close. Examining my fingernails was rather blurry business. Darn it, I'm still blind! This is apparently due to the fact that my eyeballs have a learning curve as well. Another rather broad curve. My friend laughed at me while I was trying to read things and had to hold them a ways away from my face.

Don't I have such kind and supportive people in my life? Really.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The If is the Why

If my blog were a garden, it would be over run with weeds.

If life were a sundae, I would ask who ate the cherry.

If I were a hippo, I would float gracefully instead of sink as I thrash wildly.

If a hand were a claw, it would pinch people a great deal more often.

If a book could speak, he would always tell the same story.

If a tree grew down instead of up, digging holes would be even more of a pain.

If holes filled themselves, I'd dig more holes.

If I dug more holes, people would think moles were mutating.

If lawyers were honest, perhaps justice would be done more often.

If you tickle me, I may scream.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Inside and Out

Sometimes pain is inside. Sometimes pain is out.

I watched you walk. Limping. Struggling. One foot at a time, hunched over, stiff all the way up to your hips. I felt guilty for striding so easily and solidly beside you. It looked like it hurt you to walk... a lot.

Sometimes pain is inside. Sometimes pain is out.

You looked at me with suspicious eyes. As if because I was different from you, I hated you. As if I thought I was better than you. You looked like you believed it. I wish I could have somehow convinced you that I didn't.

Sometimes pain is inside. Sometimes pain is out.

I hate to see you crying. I hate to see your frustration. It is hard to bare, watching anyone in pain, much less someone you care about. And yet, what concerns me more are the things that I do not see. The things that you hide. Often times those hurts that you can't see are the deeper ones. The ones that hurt the most.

Sometimes pain is inside. Sometimes pain is out.

Friday, February 4, 2011

A Blank Piece of Paper Is...











What is a blank piece of paper to you?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Fake Proverbs

When you have no words, borrow someone elses and hope that he is smarter, kinder and wiser than you.