Saturday, September 4, 2010

Dear Jeans,

Is it even possible to describe just how much I have missed you over the past few months? Oh, if there were words for the joy I feel at our reunion! I assure you, if I knew such words or had such an impressive grasp on the English language, I would know employ this power. Though none of the words I do pull from my pathetic lexis will be quite adequate, in my love for you I shall try to express my heart, feebly though it may be.

Summer days come will their own joy and beauty, but without you, I feel under dressed. Shorts do not protect me, cling to me and warm me the way you do. Oh beautiful jeans! Shorts, even denim shorts, have nothing on you. You hide my ugly leg and make it look so much better. You keep me snug and warm on even the chilliest of days. Day after day, month after month without complaint. Shorts are like acquaintances, while you are like a faithful friend.

Now that the season is turning back into those cooler months, my heart leaps for joy! Once more, you can assume your place as the head of my wardrobe. You shall make my t-shirts glad and my sweaters delighted by your simple and complimentary nature. You will happy see me though until July comes around again. Jeans, what more could one ask for?

Every morning, I pray for cool, crisp weather so I can wear you. In this painful time of in between, the temperature fluctuates greatly and annoyingly. While I would willingly risk a little discomfort for your sake, some days, it is so hot I cannot bear you. The heat is a great hindrance to our friendship and I hate the way it has come between us. Come back to me, jeans. I will always love you and nevermore abandon you for lesser things.

You are like a hug, embracing me. A shield, protecting me. A blanket, warming me. Oh jean, beautiful, glorious jeans! How I have missed you! How I love you! You Father, Levi Strauss is a man to be greatly blessed. You, his brain child, have enriched my life so much in a way no other piece of clothing could.

Dear Jeans! Welcome back.

In never ending love and gratitude,

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  1. Jeans are deffinately wonderful . . . sometimes I wear them just so I don't have to worry about matching my socks . . .awful, I know.