Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Things I learned from Mr. Franklin

Keep all conductors of electricity off your kite string. And don't fly it during a thunderstorm either.

I will never be a healthy, wealthy and wise man.

If you must be a blockhead, be a learned one.

For optimal portability, become wrapped up in yourself.

Don't ignore the small leak unless, of course, you are in to sinking big ships.

Admiration has a less than admirable parentage.

If you want good interest, bank with Knowledge.

Idle silence is apparently just as bad as idle words... just avoid idleness in general.

Beauty and folly go way back.

A hungry hobby isn't a good idea.

If you want to count on something, try death and taxes.

Don't worry about mistakes- you can count on them too.

Good luck has better parents than admiration.

Life is made of time, so don't squander it.

If you can discard a bad habit once a year... you might actually get some where eventually.

If you can't write well, do something for other people to write about. And if you can't do something worth writing about... you'd better hope you can write well.

If you could bottle energy and persistence together, you could call it "CONQUER". What a snappy energy drink that would be, eh?

Fatigue is soft and squishy... it makes the best pillow.

You can compose a great lie with only half of the truth.

To find these and more wise words from the good man himself, go on over here.

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