Friday, February 25, 2011

I Can Sort Of See Clearly Now

Today I got contacts. Who knew I was supposed to be able to see that trees have individual leaves? They're bald this time of year, anyway.

My Mother laughed at me while I was learning to put them on. Apparently my learning curve is a great deal broader than hers. I did, however, finally get them in my eye and blink about a thousand times before they settled correctly.

Hey! I can see! Sweet.

I then discovered that I am no longer able to see up close. Examining my fingernails was rather blurry business. Darn it, I'm still blind! This is apparently due to the fact that my eyeballs have a learning curve as well. Another rather broad curve. My friend laughed at me while I was trying to read things and had to hold them a ways away from my face.

Don't I have such kind and supportive people in my life? Really.

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