Thursday, May 3, 2012

What Guys and Girls On My Campus Are Wearing - Spring 2012!

1. Shortie Short Shorts
Yeah, we love being young and we love showing off our young and artificially tanned legs! CAN'T BE TAMED! I have difficult feelings about shorts (particularly athletic shorts...yuck.) In my humble opinion, short shorts are far kinder and better proportionally than Bermudas, or even shorts that hit mid-thigh, but if I, a woman of 5 feet and 10 inches, wear a pair of very short shorts, the visual is this never ending strip of white leg. So, to be chopped off and accentuated where you need it least or be a never ending pair of legs? I just can't decide.

2. Floral Prints
Large floral prints are huge this spring, and for one my campus decided to get with it and hop on this fabulous trend. Well done, ladies! I still like little floral prints, as they are more feminine, but I like large prints better than I thought I would. Some are still gaudier than I prefer, but all in all a lovely spring trend.

3. Color
Yet another crazy awesome trend that's being embraced is color and lots of it! Not a lot of neon or color blocking, but people have been making some bolder color choices to liven up their t-shirts and jeans. I wish I was seeing more in the way of colored denim, but it's the Midwest and we're slow to catch on.

4. Dresses and Skirts
It's warm. Wear a dress! You have a speech today. Wear a dress! It's laundry day and you have nothing left! Wear a dress, wear a dress, wear a dress! Not to stereotype, but Catholic girls love their little dresses-complete with cardigan to cover those shoulders! I'm not a huge fan of the floral print dress with black leggings and a cardigan, but I can understand trying to make your wardrobe stretch as far between seasons as possible.

5. Blazers
I need to get one. Like ten minutes ago. Like ten months ago. I love all the colored and cute blazers that are cropping up over campus. I seriously hope the blazer will become more of a staple in a young woman's wardrobe, because you have no idea what it can do for you. A well cut blazer will accentuate your waist, broaden your shoulders and draw attention to your neck and face. What more can a girl ask for?

I have serious shoe jealously. Love, want and need a pair. Painting and otherwise embellishing them is a big thing here. One of my favorite pairs of the one's I've seen is navy and the owner painted branches and leaves all over them. Super cute.

7. Twists
Words cannot adequately express how much I adore this hair trend. The braid was huge last season, and it was nice, but a little exclusive for those of us with short hair or who can't braid to save our lives. The twist is all-inclusive, super easy and looks absolutely amazing! It's also the best way since the Snooki-Poof to hide those stupid bangs you're growing out.

8. Sandals
Hmm. I'm a flats girl, but I'm a little disappointed by how many people are wearing last season's sandals. Seriously? This season has so much more to offer your, from wedges to boat shoes to oxfords, I'm hoping people will start picking up on shoe trends other then 'the return of the jellies'. *Shudder*

9. Flowing Tops
YES! Finally! I am so sick of skin tight tops. Even when this trend dies down, I'm never going back to my drawer of tiny t-shirts that are only flattering on people with rock hard abs and no boobs.

10. Bold Nail Color
Pink! Green! Yellow! Blue! Great and interesting nail color, nail art and even the occasional decal. Right now, my nails are a neon pink I stole from my roommate. It doesn't match my outfit at all, but I love them so I don't care.


  1. I know I never comment, but I do read and just wanted to say that these are my favorite posts! X) I guess as a highschool girl I love knowing when my clothes are at college level? Does that make sense?

    And I thought I'd give my thoughts on shorts. It definitely depends on the person and the shorts. I have fairly long legs and I wear my shorts just a tad shorter than finger tip length and I find it really flattering, since anything longer makes my legs look short and dumpy, and anything shorter makes my thighs look huge. That's a good length for me but I know it's not for everyone. I do really really dislike the tiny denim undies all the girls here wear though. I guess they're supposed to be shorts, but I'm having trouble being convinced. Are they even comfy?

  2. Glad you enjoy the posts! I enjoy being the Secret Police of campus fashion. ;)

    I agree with you on shorts, actually. I think shorts can be flattering anywhere from wrist to fingertip length. Measuring with your own body ensures they appear proportional! Denim undies are wildly uncomfortable and have the nasty habit of riding up and becoming a denim wedgie.