Friday, January 7, 2011

Three Letters

Today I got three letters in the mail.

One from each of the colleges I applied to.

It was like freaky synchronized mailing.

Three letters... weighted with either choices, chances and opportunity... or crushing defeat and rejection.

Nothing big, eh?

Letter one... here goes nothing...

Accepted! No way!? Seriously!? Yes!!

Letter two... it's smaller... oh no... is that bad?

What's this? Housing contract? Then I must be...

Accepted! Sweet!

Here goes three. By now, I'm feeling lucky.

Accepted! YES!!

All that stress and worrying for naught. Can't say I mind.

It's only the beginning and I have a lot of thinking and comparing to do, but I'm glad the waiting game is over.

Three out of three. Not bad odds, huh?


  1. YOU ROCK, SISTEH!!!!!!!!!!!! *GLOMP* You know which one *I* think you should go too.......but good luck choosing :). Praying for you!!! :):):):)

  2. you rock man! er... girl!