Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dear Blog,

Dear Blog,

Sorry it's been a while. You know I still love you. It's just that my darn life is interfering again! Inconsiderate, I know. Between school, writers block and work, I confess that I have had little time to invest in you. I've sat here several times before trying to write something for you, but nothing comes. Know that it is not your fault, Blog, and I am sorry you have to suffer. Don't think this strain on our relationship doesn't pain me also.

I love you, Blog; do not doubt this. My love is weak, but true nevertheless. Perhaps we could come up with some tough love or "absence makes the heart grow fonder" analogy to make us both feel better? Then again, I have made enough excuses at this point. I ask not to excused, but forgiven. I admit my fault and abandon myself to your indulgent mercy.

I know this apology may seem rather dramatic. I felt it was the best defense against being unforgivably boring, and when one is trying to obtain forgiveness, it is best to avoid doing that which is unforgivable.

In sincere regret and repentant love,


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