Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012 New Years Resolutions

1. Drink More Water.

I’m pretty much convinced that I’m going through my life severely dehydrated. I also want to quit drinking so much pop, a habit college soft-drink foundations and the availability of free drinks at work has acquainted me with a little too well, so I figured choosing water more often would help me accomplish both.

2. Exercise 3 Times a Week

Fitness buffs will find this pathetic, but I have so much trouble finding the time to go to the gym! I do try to do some physical activity every day, (that really didn’t happen over break…) but dragging my butt to the gym seems to take so much effort. Next semester I have two mornings free and so if I go then and once during the weekend, I should be meeting my goal.

3. Eat Mindfully.

I need to quit mindless grazing and eating things I don’t even really want or need. Food for me is fuel, not an activity or a consolation prize. I feel better when I only eat what I need and I choose things I like and are good for me, as well as allowing myself to enjoy them.

4. Never Pick Another Zit.

I hate my acne. But ripping it apart isn’t going to make it go away, and actually makes it worse in a lot of cases. Thus, being kinder to my skin is one thing I plan to do in the upcoming year.

5. Be More Adventurous.

Born or made so, I am more reserved. I do not volunteer to take charge, I don’t go out of my comfort zone. I’m not one of those “up for anything” people and I doubt I ever will be, but it certainly won’t kill me to expand my horizons a little. It might even be very good for me.

6. Be More Charming.

My college’s motto is “Be More,” so I find these “be more” resolutions very fitting. If this one sounds weird to you, that’s alright, but I think charm is something of a dying quality. I love genuinely charming people. None of the cheesy manipulative type, mind you. Just the cheerful, bright, feminine, affable, genuine and mysterious charm that makes you interesting and fun to other people.

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