Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Today the final installment of the trilogy I have fallen in love with came out.

Mockingjay. The final book of the Hunger Games.

I wasn't planning on reading the Hunger Games. I like sad, tragic and romantic novels. Under no means should there be extreme danger, chew your nails off suspense and or mystery of any kind.

But one day, for inexplicable reasons, I caved. I read the Hunger Games. (I had nothing better to do, plus everyone else seemed to like it...) I was riveted. I. Could. Not. Put. That. Book. Down. I finally wrestled my eyes away at Midnight and threw it into the corner so I could try and get some sleep that night. The next day I finished it.

I was enthralled.

But I was also terrified.

I resolved I would not, could not read the second book. For the sake of my sanity. I wasn't cut out for the Hunger Games. Sure it was an amazingly complex plot and I was in love with every single one of the main characters and the writing was superb and the ending was a total cliff hanger and I was completely hooked... but I couldn't read the second one. Too scary. Not for me.

And then I told this to my friend.


And then he drops a spoiler that completely twists the whole thing up, as if that series needed any help in the plot department.

I caved again. I read the second book, Catching Fire. And if I thought the first book was good... heaven help me. It was amazing. Again. It captured everything the first book had and stacked a layer or two on top of it.

Of course, the ending of Catching Fire was even more of a cliff hanger.

And today, finally, finally, finally, the third book comes out. Mockingjay. The book that will determine what I do with the rest of my life (read as: if character who shall remain nameless (because I loathe spoiling books for other people and this is supposed to entice your curiosity so read them) dies, I will write Suzanne Collins angry and heartbroken letters every week till the day I die.)

Sadly, I shall not be reading this book today. Or probably tomorrow. I'm being a cheap-skate and borrowing it from the library. (Please, please, please hurry up and get it to me!!) But believe me, I shall read it. And when I do, I will be a changed adoring fan girl.

I'm still not cut out for the Hunger Games. The game/quiz found at the site linked above is proof of that. I tried that game ten times and lost every one of those.

But I still can't wait to read that book... and be caught up again in that masterfully told story and see it through to the end.

I wasn't planning on reading the Hunger Games, but I'm glad I caved.


  1. O.M.GOSH!!!! You make me wanna read it, and i refuse to lol! I hope you get to read it SOON!!!

  2. Oh how I have mixed feelings about that book . . .I'm waiting for Cathing Fire, but something about Hunger Games didn't sit right with me. Katniss is too much like me and I don't like it. lol. But Peeta is so sweet! <3
    And actually, my favorite character is *probably* Haymitch. I know, that's weird, but I just r e a l l y liked him. rofl.