Monday, August 16, 2010

My Favorite Sport

Behold... The Boots of My Desiring.

Aren't they gorgeous?!? I was looking for a new pair of little black flats and these beauties caught my eye. I'm thinking they are a definite need. Look at those! They'll peek out from under a pair of jeans or dance beneath a ruffly skirt and just be generally adorable.

And they would go perfectly with the Cowgirl Hat I have so long dreamed about, but have yet to find. Oh but believe me, one day... one day... I shall find that perfect hat. And when I do, you all shall be informed and photographic evidence provided

I suppose this would be a good time to talk about my favorite sport. If you are wondering how on earth that relates to anything, you are either a man, far too narrow minded about sports or both.

My favorite sport is shopping.

Oh! How I love to shop! I am, after all, just a little women.

Deals make my heart go double time, I love the thrill of the hunt for that perfect item and really, how can one  resist a good sale? A cute top is love at first sight and a new pair of jeans makes me weak in the knees.The aisles of clothing racks are my playing field and a loaded wallet my weapon (based on how often I have to reload, I might be a little trigger happy, but you never know unless you buy!)

My idea of fun is scouring the Internet for cute gowns and other things I would never really buy... but it's good to know what's out there, just in case, right? (I know what dress I'm wearing if for some reason I am ever crowned queen. Very useful information.)

Like any sport or hobby, it has it's expenses, but a shirt is so much more useful than a football! Besides, I have yet to see a football that makes you look as fabulous as a well cut blouse. Clothing is just so necessary, useful and wonderful!

I do try to limit myself... I only make minimum wage, after all. And to be honest, I am quite picky. But when something like this catches my eye... it's usual only a matter of time till I succumb, powerless against adorable clothing.

And after all... they are really, really cute boots.

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  1. My fave sport, too, Anna. Except i never have nearly enough ammo :(. I'm usually broke. Very sad. I hope you win yet another round of Shopping against your competitors, prices, sizes, and need. *thumbs up*

    Thine sister, C.