Sunday, August 1, 2010

National Girlfriends Day

I don't know about you, but I love strange and obscure holidays nobody really knows or cares about. Mainly because I loathe cliche expectations. Don't get me wrong, tradition is a lovely thing. What is Christmas without a tree, Thanksgiving with no stuffing? In my world, those are dependable traditions. Every year they appear without fail, lest my secure little world crumble to ashes.

And yet, there is something fun about a holiday like National Jelly Bean day or Put a Zucchini on Your Neighbors Porch Night (I kid you not. Look it up. What else is Google for?). It's just delightfully and arrogantly childish to celebrate such a thing. Probably why I like it.

Thus, I give you a post for a 'holiday' of sorts. National Girlfriends Day. Not quite as fun as Ninja Day, but it does give me a chance to ramble (and how I love such opportunities).

Girlfriends. Those friends of ours who are, in fact, girls and not guys. A truer, prettier friend you would be hard pressed to meet.

Below are my classic examples of a true girlfriend.

Someone who will:

1. Paint your toenails and not get upset when you get more polish on her toe than on her actual nail.

2. Tactfully convince you NOT to get that orange top that just looks plain awful on you, without saying you look like a pumpkin.

3. Call you up for no reason at all and talk to you about nothing of much importance for at least 45 minutes.

4. Support you in, give her two cents worth about and be available for consultations about your love life 24/7.

5. Know what you are really trying to say even though you just sort of kind of said it, or just gave her a look.

6. Faithfully loathe the jerk who broke up with you/you broke up/cheated on you/broke your heart/said the wrong thing at the wrong time for all eternity.

7. Share her stuff with you and goodnaturedly steal something of equal or lesser value when you never return it, give it to your kid cousin or sell it in your family's yard sale.

8. Know your phone number, e-mail address, favorite color, candy, song and the guy you currently have a crush on like the back of her hand.

9. Feel comfortable yelling at your siblings and call your Mom "Mom".

10. Share her chocolate.

Feel free to add to my list. I am sure I have forgotten something. I do dearly love lists.

So Happy National Girlfriends Day, ladies.

You go, girls. :)

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