Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Thinking Pinkly

The appearance of this blog may be deceiving, but in truth, I really like the color pink.

I wouldn't dare say it's my favorite color... that's such a massive commitment I am not sure I can make. The idea of having one COLOR... That's practically like signing away a bit of your soul and sending all the other colors a letter saying:
"Dear (Yellow). I hate you and have chosen (Pink) over you forevermore. Have a nice day. -Sincerely, Anna".
No, COLORS is far safer. That way, if they are out of blue scissors at Staples you can always fall back on green. (If green and blue are your thing, anyway). Besides, if I made that promise to pink, red and orange might get jealous and I dearly love them too. As it is, we are like a happily little foursome of friends who thoroughly understand the loyalties each one has to the other without being jealous.

Reasons I love pink (yes, I am going to give you reasons for something that is without reason. I do that a lot, you know. I don't know if it's because I feel the need to explain and categorize every little thing or because I just like to chatter on senselessly. Maybe its a combination of the two? Either way, giving reasons is a firm habit of mine and one I don't intend to break today. Or probably tomorrow, either.)

Reasons for liking pink: Pink is a sunset. Pink is the better side of lemonade. Pink is a flamingo (and how cool are those things!). Pink is nail polish and lip gloss. Pink is your first plastic tea cup, which you probably lost a long time ago but have fond memories of it none the less. Pink is the inside of young watermelon. Pink is a flower. Pink is the flush in your cheeks on a fall afternoon. Pink is the frosting on the top of the cupcake and the paper on the side. Pink is the shortest crayon in a little girl's crayon box. Pink is ballet shoes and a tutu.

Pink is childish, girly and fun. Which is why my blog is pink. Which is why pink is on my list of favorite colors (right next to Red and Orange, of course).

I have some positive associations with pink. It reminds me of good things, sweet things. But Pink is also a sister to one of my other favorite colors, Red. Red is always rash and bold and exciting while Pink is shyer, gentler and more refined. Much like real siblings, both are beautiful, but different. Red is blood, roses, apples and sports cars. Red is hearts, ruby slippers and wine. Red is a go getter while Pink gives you her best come hither look as she batters her eyelashes and giggles. They don't always get along or work together but when they do... you cannot help but notice.

I suppose since we brought up Red, we should give Orange her bit. She is the wild card of the bunch, as it were. She is so special, they named a fruit after her and decided no other word was worthy to rhyme with her name. Orange is construction cones, marigolds and Cheetos. She's a bad spray on tan and a glowing Jack-O-Lantern. She's sort of between Red and Pink. She's not Princess nor is she Type A. She's a bit of a free spirit who nobody understands but everyone loves.

You might be shaking your head, laughing about how crazy I am to attribute such personality to mere colors. "Ha!" says you and "Ha!" says I. It is rather silly. It is pretty crazy. But that's how I like it. That's how I am. I suppose that's what I like about colors, all colors, not just my three besties. They can't help but be themselves. Purple doesn't try to be Yellow and Black can't be White. They are what they are.

So let us be, Pink, Red, Orange and I. We'll be ourselves and show our true colors for what they are.


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